Just in time for the holidays

It is the time of year when most of us feel that particular longing for sweets, warm spices and loads of butter. We indulge ourselves with just a few more cookie-candy-chocolate treats, and luckily Juno the Bakery knows our cravings.

Juno is the brilliant provider of baked goods all year round, and for this last season of 2022, the renowned bakery gathered three of their favourite “småkager” and wrapped them in elegant boxes.

We have assisted Juno with our take on the seasonal cookie box encapsulating the little presents inside them. They are slender and lean in appearance, with the subtle logo and name printed on either side.

To enhance an immersive experience, we incorporated the design into every part of the box – from the print on the actual container, the ingredient labels and finally, the stickers on the cellophane.

And there are more to come...

The cookie box presents not only three – but four – “små” revelations. The fourth being the new identity we created back in 2020. Stay tuned in 2023, when we will explain more about our thoughts behind the brand and visual identity.

We hope you surround yourself with well-crafted goods this – as well as every other or different – holiday.