Let’s talk about Pride Week

Check Yourself. It’s time to talk.

Conversation connects human beings. We meet each other in dialogue, we ask questions, and we get puzzled, amazed and sometimes even enlightened.

The conversation at, around and outside our organisation shapes the culture of our everyday work-life. A culture that impacts how we thrive as individuals in our personal sphere as well.

We need to start a dialogue about the conversation.

We need to take on the responsibility of creating a culture which fosters an inclusive and diverse environment where our coworkers thrive — and viewed in the light of the current situation with the Pride Week brightening the colours of Copenhagen, the responsibility echoes even stronger.

“Let’s talk about Pride Week” is the prequel to a testimony where our talented coworkers Jonas, Stine, André, Anne and Johan address this essential responsibility of taking on the conversation around inclusion and diversity. In the organisational world in general, but especially here at Kontrapunkt.

We can’t have an honest conversation if we’re afraid to look inwards and question our own level of inclusion and diversity.

As with everyone else — We need to check ourselves.

But first things first. Let’s talk about Pride Week.