Rebrand ahoy

Swire Blue Ocean is a company that operates Windfarm Installation Vessels. The company uses its vessels to install, construct, and maintain offshore windfarms. Equipped with 1,200t cranes, their vessels are massive, and in order to increase stability during crane operations, are equipped with jacking systems capable of lifting their hulls above the water – while out at sea! Swire Blue Ocean’s ambitions match the size of their vessels.

Last week they announced an upcoming IPO, and at the same time revealed their new name: Cadeler. We collaborated with Cadeler’s leadership on the new name and visual identity which will be rolled out across Cadeler’s touchpoints in the near future.

“As an established company in the industry, with a solid pipeline of projects, we are well positioned to consolidate our position at the top table. We plan to expand and adapt to keep pace with the largest turbines in the market, with further capacity for the mega turbines to come.”, says Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Cadeler.

Mikkel continues:

In addition to supporting our existing partners and clients in Europe, the growth is intended to enable us to capture opportunities in emerging offshore wind markets in the USA and North Asia. The time is right.

Mikkel Gleerup

CEO of Cadeler

We are looking forward to sharing even more on our collaboration with Cadeler as the identity rolls out.