New year, new letters. Sysmex exudes excellence and innovation in their approach to healthcare and diagnostic devices. Likewise, they needed a new brand typeface to embrace their forward-storming solutions for a better healthcare journey. As the last font in our 2023 throwback, we present a font embracing global society, technological distinction and human welfare.

Sysmex set the trend in healthcare testing, “Shaping the advancement of healthcare” for customers around the globe. With a strong core design philosophy for their products, the new brand typeface should represent the same innovative values and excellence that are the base of Sysmex’s healthcare products and services.

Sysmex’s new brand typeface is tailored to match the dynamic look of their logo and the thoughtful design of their products. When creating consistency between their typeface and overall design ethos, Sysmex is reinforcing its reputation for innovation and user-centricity, ultimately enhancing its brand identity with a contemporary and forward-thinking aesthetic.

Rasmus Michaëlis

Head of Type Design & Partner