We’re always looking forward to looking back

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Kim Paulsen

Every year, it becomes more apparent that the reporting landscape is expanding with more stakeholders and diverse needs for integrated solutions. It is not only a retrospective asset but a visual manifestation of a company’s ongoing strategy. It is looking back with a forward-looking mindset. We have been looking forward to sharing a total of 49 reports for 11 clients who have trusted us with this responsibility.

An extended handshake
Corporate reporting has become a key touchpoint for a company’s employees and shareholders alike. And even though it must present information and data, it should seek to maintain and activate a client’s identity with personalized visual assets, infographics, and tone of voice. It is an extended handshake. And for some stakeholders, the first experience with that company.

Many skills. One service
A well-made report aims to democratize important information, making it edible and accessible. Maybe a hard fact stands out with a soft gradient? Or maybe a bold statement will be stronger in a lightweight font?

To deliver a final product that our clients and we can be proud of, we need cross-disciplinary skills to work together in: client management, strategy and design. And for us, working with brand experiences daily, these skills have made corporate reporting one of our primary services.

Back to the future
Corporate reporting is a discipline that not only presents a momentary picture of a company’s journey but also inspires future scenarios for potential investors and collaborators. And it is a discipline we keep seeking further insight into with our second-ever trend study you can find here.

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Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

Kim Paulsen