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It all started with a love story: In 1959, the Japanese baker Shunsuke Takaki came to Copenhagen, where he fell head over heels in love with Danish mentality and pastry art. In Denmark, he found a rich and nuanced baking culture which he brought back to Japan, where he opened the first Andersen bakery in 1962. Today, Andersen is one of Japan's largest bakeries. Most Japanese are familiar with Danish classics such as spandauers, almond cakes, and rye bread – and now Copenhagen has also got an Andersen. In addition to a new logo, visual identity, strategy, and design – we helped Andersen Bakery develop a naming system for the products, arranged the opening event, and handled PR and communication for the new Danish-Japanese bakery. Our task was to develop a visual identity and interior design that combines Danish and Japanese cultures. The result is a balanced, visual expression that combines Danish tradition and Japanese precision.

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