A new generation of partners

We admit. We are an ambitious bunch here at Kontrapunkt. And being ambitious means preparing for what is next in the world of branding. So, we are. A couple of years ago, we set out on a journey to future-proof Kontrapunkt. To hand on the branding-torch to the next generation while the torch is still alight.

Then, it started with Philip Linnemann being named Executive Creative Director of Kontrapunkt. Our vision on blending design and strategy even further made Philip a natural pick with his background in both design and strategy.

Today, we enter a new phase of this journey. We welcome four new faces to our circle of partners, bringing in CEO Johan Lawaetz, Client Director Kim Paulsen, and Kontrapunkt’s Heads of Type Design, Torsten Lindsø Andersen and Rasmus Michaëlis.

Kim Paulsen has 20 years of experience executing creative solutions and is in charge of our Brand Activation team. Kim became a part of Kontrapunkt in 2012 and has, in his role as Client Director, brought brand identities to life for prominent brands such as LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Ørsted, Danish Crown, and Shiseido.

Rasmus Michaëlis and Torsten Lindsø Andersen lead Kontrapunkt Type and have designed bespoke typefaces for international brands, including Maersk, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Danish Crown, Asics Tiger, and the Japanese football leagues, J.League.

Johan Lawaetz has a background from Implement Consulting Group’s Strategy practice, and as Director of Strategy and Growth for a Danish medtech scale-up. He joined Kontrapunkt as COO in August 2019. Earlier this month, Johan was named CEO and among other things aims to bridge the gap between corporate strategy and brand strategy.

Founding Partner, Bo Linnemann, sums it up:

It is not a coincidence that the four new partners represent a younger generation than me. But, aside from future-proofing Kontrapunkt, expanding the circle of partners is also a matter of saying to the world: when we speak about bringing business, brand, and digital strategy together, we mean it. With Kim, Torsten, Rasmus, and Johan joining as partners, the circle of partners now represent the entire palette of brand-building; from strategy to concept and activation.

Bo Linnemann