A (new) LAB

We were invited to create a mini identity for the art museum A-LAB, for the exhibition Vol.22, "Revamp of Identity".

In the exhibition, three sets of design companies from Europe and Japan, including Kontrapunkt, all created a new visual identity for A-LAB. The exhibition is curated by Art director and good friend of Kontrapunkt, Tetsuya Goto. Sign production and construction cooperation by Nintaro (Aoi Hirota). The three identities are on exhibit now, so please visit A-LAB if you are around those parts.

The thoughts behind Kontrapunkt's mini-identity
A-LAB's new identity is a tribute to the ever-changing art installations, where there is always more to discover. It is a potent manifestation in the allure of art. Our approach highlights the space as the foundation of creativity, blossoming from the black square. New shapes emerge because, like art and community, there is always more to discover. From a monochrome box to a burst of colour and with nuances in typography. It's an identity that is anything but square.

The exhibit will run from February 22, 2020 to March 30, 2020

Our Tokyo-based designer Marcus Mahecha,
will furthermore give a lecture at A-LAB on
February 29, from 13.30-15.30
Capacity: First 10 people

Hope to see you there!