Arla Foods awarded for the best annual report

Data-driven, proud and aspirational were our keywords in the co-creation of Arla Foods' first-ever integrated report. A holy trinity that just got rewarded with the renowned PWC award Regnskabsprisen+ 2023 for the best annual report.

Regnskabsprisen+ 2023 is an annual award given to companies demonstrating exceptional performance in the year's focus areas. The award aims to promote the development of quality and usability of annual reports for the largest Danish companies. This year, there was a particular focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) due to upcoming EU requirements on ESG reporting. Notably, this marks Arla's first-ever integrated report, and we take great pride in highlighting that it also signifies their first collaboration with Kontrapunkt.

The judging committee's rationale highlighted that the annual report of Arla Foods is exceptionally impressive, highlighting its clarity, structure, and readability as crucial factors for the award, as well as the report's compelling illustrations and graphics. Of particular note is the comprehensive depiction of the company's ESG journey in the report, which received significant emphasis from the jury.

The recognition predicts (as we already know) that a clear and transparent ESG story linked closely to the business strategy becomes more crucial for all companies.

Kim Paulsen, Client Director & Partner

According to Kim Paulsen, Client Director & Partner at Kontrapunkt, the ESG emphasise along with the visual style in Arla's report, where the tongue on the scales:

We have contributed to Arla's report by assisting with the structuring, content development, and design, introducing a new visual concept along with a futuristic illustration style.

Kim Paulsen, Client Director & Partner

As a design studio, we continuously explore innovative ways to visually communicate messages, prioritising clarity, readability, and relevance. Our overarching goal is to create exceptional designs that effectively convey information without relying solely on words. This has effectively also been our goal throughout our collaboration with Arla Foods on their integrated annual report. Additionally, the Arla report focuses on illustrations to visualise predicted futures rather than photos, giving a distinct and recognisable expression throughout the report.

Arla Food's first-ever integrated report somehow marks a reformation in the traditional annual reporting. Firstly in the perspective of genuinely creating an adaptable and visual storyline, hence being able to communicate data-driven and complex information in an engaging visual manner. Secondly, marking the shift towards ESG taking up more space in a corporation's business strategy. Integrated reporting is reinventing the focus of how we used to think of annual reporting – Arla's integrated report is stepping it one step up, reinventing how the integrated report looks.

We are proud to have collaborated with Arla Foods in creating a comprehensive and comprehensible annual report in a format that might deliver a glimpse into the future of integrated annual reporting.

Congratulation to Arla Foods on the well-deserved recognition.

Novo Nordisk also deserves a huge congratulation. This year for winning Særprisen at PWC. Særprisen is rewarded for extra high quality on selected ESG elements and for having conducted a dual materiality analysis.