Can dreams save us all?

We’re feeling the future creeping in on us — and it’s equally exciting and terrifying at the same time. What is to come? And in what direction will the world steer?

We give our best speculations on the future with the practice we call Futures Design. In the intersection of Strategic Foresight and design, Futures Design encourages the imagination of new possibilities. Relying on design to make crucial questions and discussions about the future tangible, it enables us not only to rehearse for different futures and discuss the desirability of specific scenarios but to prototype new ones. What happens if we take a proactive approach towards the future and make it our playground?

Our executive Creative Director Philip Linnemann lifted the veil on our approach to the Future with his TEDx talk almost one year ago. We’ve kept Philip’s talk from you till now, so it could situate itself amongst other future-proofed friends and stories as part of our Playground Futures focus.

So here it goes, our first little spot on the topic of Futures Design: Can dreams save us all?

Philip Linnemann dedicated his career to reframe the concept of design highlighting the attributes of imagination over the reproduction of trends in industries. Philip believes that true innovation breaks through the constraints of conventional thinking and that design can change the world when performed to its full potential of imagination and creativity.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The talk was held on March 27, 2022. Watch the full talk here.

Looking to bring your report up to speed? Talk to Philip Linnemann.

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

Philip Linnemann