It’s quality and community in a can

The coffee queen of GenZ, Emma Chamberlain, launched her ready-to-drink cold brew lattes at Walmart a few weeks ago. With the new RTDs, Chamberlain has officially disrupted the market with her unpretentious coffee brand — introducing a canned community to the GenZ whilst showcasing our beloved whimsical coffee characters on the shelves in every corner of the USA.

Canned quality
We’ve been drinking coffee for thousands of years. We started by chewing the beans, then we figured out how to brew them in various ways. We came up with the idea to add sugar and milk and even how to build entire shops, bars and brands around the drink. In other words, coffee has been around longer than you and I, but that doesn’t mean it has to be neither old, dusty, or unapproachable.

Our favourite coffee queen Emma Chamberlain is the perfect example proving that exact point. With the RTDs launched in Walmart across the USA, Chamberlain Coffee is more accessible than ever. With the light sentiment, fun characters and bright colour scheme, it’s basically Emma in a can. It is canned quality made accessible and quirky.

Our branding really does feel warm and inviting, and I think that coffee has always had this almost exclusive feeling to it. I’ve felt intimidated by coffee brands in the past because they feel so snobby. And listen, I’m a coffee snob in my own way and I’m picky about my coffee, but there was room for a brand to come in and provide a high-quality product without that intimidating feeling.

Emma Chamberlain, Forbes

April 20, 2023

It’s more than coffee. It’s a community
Chamberlain Coffee meets its customers eye-to-eye, and especially now, with the RTDs, the brand has established itself in the American market with a growing community in the GenZ segment. The vibrant personality of the youtube-star and influencer Emma Chamberlain plays smoothly together with the cute characters impersonalising the different cold brew flavours.

In our work with the coffee brand, it was vital to reflect that Chamberlain Coffee is more than coffee. It’s a community of coffee lovers thirsty for more than their usual caffeine favourite. They wish to engage in an entire universe.

Packaging played a vital role in Chamberlain Coffee’s success by bringing something new and refreshing to the table. The illustrations of animals not only created a sense of community and made the different flavours a coveted collector’s item. In the end, packaging can be the catalyst for a brand’s growth, building a loyal following one cup at a time.

Jonas Hjort, Senior Designer at Kontrapunkt

Photography by Morten Bentzon

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