Guiding Kemp & Lauritzen’s Evolution

Claiming a new platform

What does it mean to think as a brand? With Kemp & Lauritzen, it was all about a mindset shift. Moving away from the relatively narrow perspective of themselves as a technical operations partner, and becoming comfortable with a wider view of their role within their industry and within society at large. It was also about thinking in future terms and challenging them to take a stance about the progression of the world that Kemp & Lauritzen is, in some cases, literally building.

That’s where purpose comes into play. When we began auditing existing materials and interviewing internal stakeholders, it became clear that they were missing a clear foundation that can ensure a common thread through their marketing, communications and visual expression. Through a series of workshops, we uncovered a few key aspects of the new purpose: it should clearly mark their shift from operations to a more societal role, talk about more than only Denmark, and feel inclusive without being too specific and hinting at the industry.

We ended up with a few options, but the clear winner was (Together we’re making the green transition a reality)

Sammen gør vi grøn omstilling til virkelighed

Developing their communications

In step with the transition away from speaking about their solutions in a purely technical way, we developed a new platform for their communications that enables them to tell more emotional yet still actionable stories about their role in the green transition. This platform, called "Grøn omstilling er også..." (The green transition is also...), goes beyond technical specifications to highlight the real impact of Kemp & Lauritzen’s sustainable initiatives. After all, they are the ones carrying out the transition in the world, and we wanted to give them license to be concrete. It opens up a new point of view for Kemp & Lauritzen and enables them to tell more compelling narratives across even more specific touchpoints.

By focusing on the broader implications of their work, Kemp & Lauritzen can connect with audiences & stakeholders on a deeper level and inspire greater engagement in sustainable practices. ‘The green transition is also…’ serves as a powerful tool for communicating the company’s commitment to making the green transition a reality.

Launching & activating the new brand

As with any major rebrand, one significant challenge is the internal anchoring and a meaningful rollout of the new brand. Kemp & Lauritzen wasn’t any exception.

With effective stakeholder management and special attention to change management, we were able to anticipate and realise some needs and wants around the launch of the new brand. The biggest takeaway was that Kemp & Lauritzen is bolstered by its people — especially those out and about working every day. It was important, therefore, to show how their frontline workers would be impacted, so we paid special attention to the design and launch of their everyday fleet.

We also developed and produced a series of short films for the launch that showcase these workers everyday and the actions big and small that they take to realise our green future.