Nine Months Too Early

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Nanna Fischer

March 28th is Denmark’s Overshoot Day. On this day, we Danes have spent our total CO2 budget for the year. Nine months before we should.

Country Overshoot Day serves as a reminder for us to rethink our consumption patterns. Here at Kontrapunkt, we began by calculating our carbon footprint for the year 2021. By measuring our resource usage we have been able to identify some areas of action, where we are implementing new initiatives in our efforts to become more sustainable in our consumption.

– Less meat. At the Kontrapunkt office in Copenhagen, we are catered by Meyers Kantiner (Meyers Contract Catering). Meyers Kantiner is actively working towards delivering greener, locally-sourced meals and as a part of doing so, they track their carbon footprint and explore opportunities to decrease their carbon impact. You can read more about Meyers Kantiner’s ambitions here.

– Fewer flights. Our presence in Japan and participation in international projects prevents us from completely eliminating flights from our operations. We are therefore implementing a flight-priority model which outlines when we deem flights to be necessary and we’ve partnered with Goodwings, a Danish certified B Corporation start-up, which calculates and compensates our travel emissions. You can read more about Goodwings and their work to enable net-zero travel here.

– Lower operations consumption. Quite simply, we are trying to turn every stone to assess where we have the opportunity to optimize our use of resources in our operations. Energy-saving light bulbs, guidelines for reusing and recycling materials, and cooperating with eco-conscious suppliers are some of the initiatives we have implemented so far. Since February, we have been enjoying SLOW’s coffee beans in our Copenhagen office. SLOW Coffee works with local communities to conserve forests whilst growing high-quality coffee beans. To read more on SLOW’s approach click here.

– Invest in carbon capture. Along with the Danish green-tech company Klimate, we are developing a portfolio that compensates for our unavoidable emissions. Klimate’s approach allows us to invest in technological solutions which are evaluated on their carbon capture impact as well as ecological and social co-benefits. You can read more about Klimate’s approach here.

Becoming a more sustainable and conscious agency is an ongoing process for us. Do you have any ideas, questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch with Nanna below.

Note: Our carbon footprint for 2021 is 68.7 tCO2e across Scopes 1, 2 and 3. The calculation has been conducted by Climaider after a collaborative data gathering effort.

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Nanna Fischer

Impact Analyst & Business Development Assistant

Nanna Fischer