Nordic innovation shines with Kontrapunkt at Expo 2025

Kontrapunkt appointed as the creative agency for the Nordic Pavilion at World Expo 2025 Osaka

We are honoured to announce that Kontrapunkt has been selected as the official creative agency for the Nordic Pavilion at World Expo 2025 in Osaka. As stated in a press release published by the Nordic Pavilion earlier this week, the choice of Kontrapunkt is based on our ability to combine striking Nordic design with captivating storytelling and our strong presence in both the Nordic region and Japan.

Lena Abrahamsson, Chief Project Director of the Nordic Pavilion, elaborates in the press release:

We are delighted to collaborate with Kontrapunkt for the Nordic Pavilion. Their proven track record and deep understanding of Nordic values make them the perfect partner for this project ... Together, we will create a cohesive and engaging communication strategy that highlights the creativity and innovation of our region and provides an inviting and memorable experience for all our audiences.

Lena Abrahamsson, Chief Project Director of the Nordic Pavilion

The Nordic Region unites in one pavilion for World Expo 2025 Osaka

The World Expo is held every five years, allowing countries and regions to showcase new innovative solutions and technologies. In 2025, it returns to Osaka for the first time since 1970, under the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives" with sub-themes "Connecting Lives," "Empowering Lives," and "Saving Lives."

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland will participate with a joint Nordic pavilion to strengthen relations with Japan. Designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi along with AMDL Circle and constructed by the Expo Design-Build Contractor RIMOND, the pavilion is a 1,200 m², 17 m high wooden structure that illustrates timeless and sustainable design. The pavilion includes a Nordic exhibition, shop, rooftop café, conference room, and meeting facilities.

Accumulated cultural understanding and design innovation

Our presence in the Nordic region and Japan gives us a unique ability to convey Nordic identity globally and ensure our communication resonates with local and international audiences. Our design philosophy, emphasising creativity, courage and craftsmanship combined with the functional sensitivity and simplicity embedded in the Japanese design heritage, aligns perfectly with Nordic design principles.

Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & Partner at Kontrapunkt, comments on the announcement: 

We are honoured to be chosen as the official creative agency for the Nordic Pavilion. This project is a unique opportunity to showcase the best of Nordic design and culture. We are excited to bring our expertise and passion to create an inspiring and welcoming environment for all audiences.

Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & Partner

We look forward to leading the creative vision and execution of all communication efforts for the Nordic Pavilion, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for all audiences.

For more information about the Nordic Pavilion at EXPO 2025 Osaka, visit the official website.